How to Add Song in Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp status updates have become a popular way to share moments and express emotions with friends and family. Adding music to your WhatsApp status can enhance these moments, making them more memorable and expressive. Among the myriad of music choices, Arijit Singh’s songs stand out due to their emotional depth and widespread appeal. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to add Arijit Singh songs to your WhatsApp status and explore why his music is a perfect choice.

Why Arijit Singh Songs?

Arijit Singh songs have captivated millions of listeners worldwide, making him one of the most beloved playback singers in India. His ability to convey deep emotions through his voice makes his music a perfect choice for WhatsApp status updates. Here are several reasons why Arijit Singh songs are ideal for your status:

Emotional Depth and Versatility

Arijit Singh songs are renowned for their emotional depth and versatility. His discography spans various genres and moods, from soulful ballads to upbeat tracks. Whether you’re celebrating love, dealing with heartbreak, or just enjoying a moment of nostalgia, there’s an Arijit Singh song that perfectly matches your feelings. This versatility makes his music suitable for a wide range of status updates.

Popularity and Relatability

Arijit Singh has a massive fan following, and his songs often top music charts. When you use Arijit Singh songs in your WhatsApp status, it’s likely that many of your contacts will recognize and appreciate the music. His songs often deal with universal themes like love, loss, and hope, making them highly relatable and likely to resonate with your audience.

High-Quality Music

Arijit Singh is known for his exceptional vocal talent and the high production quality of his music. His songs often feature beautiful melodies, poignant lyrics, and rich arrangements, providing a superior listening experience. Adding such high-quality music to your WhatsApp status can make it more engaging and enjoyable for your viewers.

Wide Availability

Arijit Singh songs are widely available on numerous music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. This makes it easy to find and download your favorite tracks to use in your WhatsApp status. Additionally, many of his songs come with official music videos that can be visually appealing for your status updates.

Connection to Bollywood

Many Arijit Singh songs are part of popular Bollywood movies. Bollywood music often holds a special place in the hearts of many listeners, and featuring these songs in your status can evoke a sense of nostalgia and cultural connection. This adds an extra layer of meaning and engagement to your WhatsApp status.

Expressive Lyrics

The lyrics of Arijit Singh songs are often profound and expressive, written by some of the best lyricists in the industry. These lyrics can articulate complex emotions and situations, helping you convey your feelings more effectively through your status. Whether you want to express love, sorrow, joy, or introspection, the lyrics in Arijit Singh’s songs can enhance your message.

Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Arijit Singh Songs to Your WhatsApp Status

Adding a song to your WhatsApp status is a great way to share your favorite music and express your feelings. If you’re a fan of Arijit Singh and want to feature his soulful tracks in your status, follow this detailed guide on how to add a song in WhatsApp status.

Update WhatsApp Status

  • Open WhatsApp: Start by opening the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to Status Tab: Click on the ‘Status’ tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Create a New Status: Tap on ‘My Status’ to start creating a new status update.

Select A Song

  • Find Arijit Singh Songs: To select a song, you need to know where to find it. Arijit Singh’s songs are available on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Browse these platforms to find the perfect song for your status.
  • Choose the Perfect Track: Think about the mood or message you want to convey. For example, “Tum Hi Ho” might be perfect for a romantic status, while “Channa Mereya” could be ideal for a reflective moment.

Download the Song

  • Legal Download: Make sure to download the song legally from music services that offer offline downloads for premium users, such as Spotify Premium, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.
  • Save to Device: Ensure the downloaded song is saved on your device and accessible through your phone’s music player or file manager.

Edit the Song

  • Trim the Song: Since WhatsApp statuses are limited to 30 seconds, you’ll need to edit the song to fit this duration. Use audio editing tools like InShot, Audacity, or GarageBand to trim the song to the desired length.
  • Focus on Key Parts: Edit the song to feature the most impactful 30 seconds, such as the chorus or a significant verse that conveys your message best.

Add to WhatsApp Status

  • Record a Video: Open the WhatsApp status section and tap the camera icon. You can either record a new video or select an existing one from your gallery.
  • Add the Song: Here’s how to add a song in WhatsApp status: Play the Arijit Singh song on a music app in the background and start recording your video. This method captures the music along with your video.
  • Use Editing Tools: If you prefer, use third-party apps that allow you to overlay music onto your videos before uploading them to WhatsApp. Apps like VideoShow or KineMaster can be useful for this purpose.
  • Adjust and Post: Review your status, adjust the volume, and ensure the song syncs well with the video. Once satisfied, tap the send button to post your status.

Additional Tips for an Engaging WhatsApp Status with Arijit Singh Songs

  • Personalization: Add text, stickers, or emojis to personalize your status. This can help convey the emotion behind the song.
  • Storytelling: Create a series of statuses to tell a story using different parts of the song. This can make your updates more engaging.
  • Highlight Lyrics: Use text overlays to highlight key lyrics from the song. This can draw attention to the most impactful parts of the song.
  • Contextual Information: Adding interesting facts, such as “where does Arijit Singh live,” can make your status more engaging. For instance, you can mention that Arijit Singh resides in Mumbai, which is a hub of Indian music and cinema, connecting the location to his musical journey.

Tips for an Engaging WhatsApp Status with Arijit Singh Songs

Creating an engaging WhatsApp status with Arijit Singh’s songs involves a blend of creativity, personalization, and authenticity. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your status updates:


  • Add Text and Emojis: Enhance your status by adding meaningful text that resonates with the song’s lyrics or your current mood. Emojis can also add a fun and expressive touch to your status.
  • Use Stickers: WhatsApp offers a variety of stickers that can complement your status. Choose stickers that match the theme of the song and the message you want to convey.


  • Mix Media: Combine photos, videos, and music to create a more dynamic status. For example, pair a slow-motion video with a romantic Arijit Singh song for a dramatic effect.
  • Storytelling: Use Arijit Singh’s songs to tell a story. You can create a series of statuses that unfold a narrative, using different parts of the song to progress the story.
  • Visual Effects: Use apps like InShot or Canva to add visual effects, filters, and transitions to your status. This can make your status more visually appealing and engaging.


  • True Emotions: Share genuine moments and emotions. Authenticity resonates more with your audience and can make your status more impactful.
  • Relatable Content: Use songs that your audience can relate to. Arijit Singh’s music is known for its emotional depth, so choose songs that reflect common experiences like love, heartbreak, or joy.

Sync Music and Visuals

  • Perfect Timing: Ensure that the music clip is perfectly timed with your visuals. This synchronization can enhance the overall impact of your status.
  • Highlight Lyrics: If the song has a powerful or poignant line, highlight it in your status. You can do this by adding text overlays or syncing the visuals to the specific lyrics.

Use Background Information for Context

  • Incorporate Interesting Facts: Adding tidbits about Arijit Singh, such as “where does Arijit Singh live,” can add an interesting layer to your status. For instance, you can mention that he resides in Mumbai, a city known for its vibrant music scene, while sharing a song that captures the essence of urban life.
  • Cultural Connections: Highlight how Arijit Singh’s songs connect to broader cultural or personal experiences. This can make your status more relatable and engaging.

Experiment with Different Songs and Themes

  • Variety is Key: Don’t stick to just one song or type of song. Explore Arijit Singh’s extensive repertoire, which includes romantic ballads, soulful melodies, and upbeat tracks.
  • Theme-Based Statuses: Create themed statuses around certain occasions or moods. For example, you could use “Raabta” for a dreamy, nostalgic theme or “Zaalima” for a celebration of love.

Adding Arijit Singh songs to your WhatsApp status is a fantastic way to share your emotions and connect with your contacts. His music, known for its emotional depth and versatility, can beautifully complement your status updates. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily enhance your WhatsApp status with the soulful tunes of Arijit Singh. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different songs and creative ideas to make your status truly unique.

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